Wrocław Tanie Noclegi Hostel

Our Hostel is situated in Wrocław, at 1 Porębska Street in the recently- erected building, which can boastits high standard. The building of our Hostel is situated on one of the streets of Wrocław, on the route to Zielona Góra, and next to the Voivodeship Hospital in Fieldorfa Street. Our Hostel has become a very comfortable place at which to spend time.

The Wrocław Tanie Noclegi Hostel offers elegantly-finished guest rooms. All the rooms in our Hostel have been furnished by a professional interior designer, and the priority in his work was modernity.

Our Hostel provides the guests with the high quality of an overnight stay in Wrocław.

Each and every day, we provide a reasonably-priced, and also comfortable, stay. An additional factor improving the quality of our overnight stays is the existence of numerous competing companies amongst the hostels in Wrocław. Wishing to offer the best overnight stays in Wrocław, we want to work incessantly on the high quality.

What does our hostel offer?

A comfortable overnight stay in rooms the size of which ranges from one-bedded rooms to quads. The equipment of the rooms leaves nothing to be desired, and they can boast of comfortable beds and clean beclothes. All-day long access to Wi-Fi is available in each and every of the rooms.

Dodatkowo zapewniamy:

Reasonable pricing

The best prices of overnight stays in Wrocław


At your request, we can order a reasonably-priced taxi from a taxi corporation collaborating closely with us


Free-of-charge access to the Internet

A grill

A grill cottage, which can accommodate no fewer than fifteen individuals, equipped with a large hearth


On each and every floor, one for every three rooms, and equipped with shower cabinets.


On each and every floor, equipped with a microwave oven, a refrigerator, a kettle, and also with dishes, a toaster, cutlery and small kitchen accessories.

The most important attractions of Wrocław within the reach of your hand!

As we have mentioned, our Hostel is situated in Wrocław, on the route to Zielona Góra, Szczecin and Świnoujście. All the attractions of Wrocław are available without it being necessary to use a car because there is a streetcar line (Nos.: 3 and 10) fifty metres from our facility, taking passengers to the Market Square in Wrocław in a time shorter than twenty minutes. The Railway and Coach (Bus) Stations are situated approximately 15 km from our Hostel. In the immediate vicinity of our Hostel, you will find: the Wrocław Stadium, large baths in Glinianki, and also the castle in Leśnica, the exact address of which is: 1a Plac Świętojański Street, and the Brzezina Palace, the exact address of which is 2 Parkowa Street; a little bit further, there are numerous museums, bars and restaurants. If you do not feel like going sightseeing in Wrocław on your own feet, this is not a problem whatsoever; you can get into your car and see the Panorama of the Battle of Racławice, Ostrów Tumski (literally: Cathedral Island). Aqua Park, the Wrocław Zoological Garden, and also other great attractions.

Wrocław is more than just monuments, and more than just interesting people; this is the city that never sleeps…

We will provide you with a comfortable overnight stay after a pleasant social event. Staying for a night at our Hostel, you do not need to worry about your means of transportation from the party. Make arrangements in advance, and a taxi corporation will take you to our Hostel.

Why is it good to choose us?

Unique ambience, colourful interiors, wonderful atmosphere, pleasant service staff, comfortable and cosy rooms and numerous amenities.

Perhaps, we have persuaded you to choose the Wrocław Tanie Noclegi Hostel as the place for your overnight stay in Wrocław.